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Hors les murs
Niklaus Rüegg

Die Reise ins All, 2011 - 2012
Gouache sur bois
166 × 166 × 166 cm

Steven Parrino

Frenzy in a far flung future, 1982
Peinture sur toile
45,5 × 45,5 cm
Collection particulière

Jim Shaw

Dream Drawing
[ 1. I was having someone transfer a dream landscape that looked like my dog’s gums. 2. I was drawing in ball point pen. (A) A man who has occasional puffballs in his flesh, pulling strips of skin down his body. (B) A cooked bird whose interior & blood were black. (C) A flooded office with someone drowning in it. A T.V. commercial for a yeast infection cure where a black woman is saying how the product cured her & her friends say she’s a slut. Marnie sneezes and it sounds like « I told you so » so I joke & continue her sentence with « I’m leaving » & she doesn’t laugh. On the floor is a one-level magazine stand including this « New Yorker » where a black woman is showing off her plastic surgery to remove her eyebrows, nose, & lips, apparently a satire of a non-existent trend in black beauty. 4. A statue of Lida and the swan, except the swan is a saw. 5. I’m working on a dream drawing of four indifferentiated, grey women statuettes on a plate in the lawn when batman comes up & yells at us for not taking out the garbage. Marnie was mad because a woman friend of mine was there.], 1996
Crayon sur papier
30,4 × 22,7 cm
Collection particulière

Dream Object
[ 1. I was having someone transfer a dream landscape… ]
Gouache sur papier
27 × 20,2 cm
Collection particulière

Dream Object
[ I was drawing in a ball-point pen… ], 1996
Crayon, stylo-bille sur papier
30,5 × 22,9 cm
Collection particulière