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Hors les murs
Niklaus Rüegg

Die Reise ins All, 2011 - 2012
Gouache sur bois
166 × 166 × 166 cm

Jim Shaw

Dream Object,
[ I was drawing the «You Want It When ?!? » version of Lacoon ], 1998
Crayon sur papier
43,2 × 34,5 cm
Collection particulière

Dream Object
Gouache sur papier
43 × 35,5 cm
Collection particulière

Dream Drawing,
[ 1. In a hotel room I was trying to do some tightly rendered drawings but my roomate, Sly Stallone, was a bit pissed that wasn’t looking at a film on T.V. that he or a lookalike was in. On T.V. , Stallone was using a paint stripper to cut this woman’s head off. Then he held up & tightened her scarf, & held his thumb & forefinger in the same circumference in front of his groin, as if to indicate the size of his dick & that she should’ve given him head. In the room, Stallone had brought in a pile of books & records that I’d checked out & were overdue & I thanked him, though the movie disturbed me greatly. 2. On the Simpson’s, viewers were calling a cat that was going to get killed. Homer drove over a bootleggers truck. In a dark hallway a superhero was faking ghost voices for a seance on the other side of the wall & was trying to get his confederate to slip a comic book in to the seance, but he couldn’t get his attention. Since he couldn’t talk to him, he opended a closet door revealing a porno mag which made him start humping a body in the closet. 3. An Awacs plane with an arcane symbol painted on its disc landed on an underground hi-tech installation, followed by an airforce flying saucer which exuded a gas meant to cause amnesia in the inhabitants, but the saucer slipped off the Awacs & the people were infected by a sexual germ. They painted on plexiglass trays. One girl had 2 guys, one a nerd, the other army, with a small penis & 3 nipples. A cat & a dog were going to fuck in the hallway. ], 1995
Crayon sur papier
30,3 × 22,8 cm
Collection particulière

Öyvind Fahlström

Opera, 1968
10 × ( 20 × 92 cm)
Collection particulière